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Immigration Lawyer in
El Paso, Texas.

I’m the best bilingual legal counsel for your immigration case. My mission is to provide personal and reliable legal representation for immigration cases dealing with citizenship, green cards, deportation, work visas, investor visas and other immigration issues. Immigration Lawyer in El Paso Texas.

Benjamin Beall - Immigration Lawyer in El Paso Texas - Abogado de Inmigración
Benjamin Beall - Immigration Lawyer in El Paso Texas - Abogado de Inmigración

Trust me as an experienced El Paso immigration lawyer with extensive experience and unwavering commitment. I am here to be a part of your American dream, I will help you obtain everything from a work visa to permanent residency. My passion is your success and I am ready to fight tirelessly for your future in the United States.

Crossing Borders, Building Dreams: Our Success Story

I am the leading immigration firm in El Paso, the largest border city in the country. I am a highly skilled and trusted attorney who has successfully helped hundreds of people in the region overcome immigration challenges, which means I am prepared to meet any challenge that arises in your process. I offer comprehensive services and am committed to providing honest and ethical representation in every case.

Immigration law covers a wide range of cases, and I am committed to providing the highest quality of legal care and expertise to each one. 

Advantages of having me as your El Paso, Texas immigration lawyer

Inmigracion - Immigration Lawyer in El Paso Texas - Abogado de inmigración en El Paso

Meet Magadan Beall— El Paso’s Immigration & Citizenship Lawyer

Choosing the right immigration lawyer in El Paso can be a complicated decision. There are many professionals in the marketplace who seek to take advantage of the aspirations of the immigrant community, but Magadan Beall does not. My clients’ experiences and comments are a clear testament to my integrity. If you are looking for an honest, ethical and highly skilled immigration lawyer to handle your immigration case, I invite you to contact me. Immigration Lawyer in El Paso Texas.

Customer service process

As an immigration attorney in El Paso, Texas, I strive to provide a comprehensive and compassionate legal defense, while ensuring that I follow the most efficient and expeditious route possible. The procedure with my clients somewhat resembles the following:

Case Evaluation

During this initial stage, I analyze the fundamental information of your situation and explore the possible alternatives available in your specific circumstance.

Case Consultation

At the consultation, I am dedicated to understanding your situation, providing a high quality service and planning the best strategy to follow. During the meeting, I will elaborate your case, identify any drawbacks or complexities, gather the necessary documentation and evaluate the most appropriate option to take.

Case Management

I take control and ensure that all necessary conditions are met. I assist in organizing the paperwork, compile the necessary documents and provide representation in cases requiring appearances before USCIS judges, social workers, among others.

Our Focus

My goal is to provide exceptional legal services with a focus on integrity, professionalism and respect for both my clients and the community. I am committed to developing personal relationships with each of my clients and expertly guiding them through the complex maze of U.S. immigration law.

Practice Areas

I have over 15 years of experience serving the immigrant community in El Paso. I as an immigration attorney will do everything possible to make sure I obtain the best possible result in your case and will not rest until the task is complete.

Naturalization & Citizenship

Immigration Bond Representation

Deportation defense

Work visas

Immigrant visas

Employment-Based Visas

Our Client Reviews

“Mr. Beall is an excellent immigration attorney in the city. I am extremely pleased to have chosen him as my immigration attorney. Mr. Magadan helped me obtain my H1B work visa and clarified all the doubts I had. If you need help in your immigration process, I would highly recommend using Mr. Magadan’s expertise.”


Juan García

“Magadan Beall really went above and beyond for me. I was sure that with him handling my case, I would get my green card. I even plan to have him oversee my naturalization process. Their performance is exceptional.


María Ramírez

“Mr. Benjamin worked hard on my mother’s residency case and my father’s naturalization case. He answered all my questions. He kept me informed of all updates in the process. My parents got their cases approved in less than a year. I really appreciate him for his honesty from day one and getting us the results we needed. Thank you 🙏”


Amparo Galvan

Facing an immigration problem in El Paso, TX? Contact me now

If you are facing a legal situation related to immigration in El Paso, Texas, please feel free to fill out the contact form below. I am here to help you and look forward to receiving your information so that I can support you in the best way possible.
Immigration lawyer in El Paso, Texas.

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