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A Trusted Deportation Defense Attorney In El Paso

If you are facing removal or deportation from the country, it can be stressful and overwhelming. Magadan Beall, is an El Paso immigration attorney who provides removal defense and dedicated legal representation to assist individuals like yourself who are facing deportation or removal before an immigration judge. Our immigration law firm specializes in deportation defense and family-based petitions.

Cases we handle

We handle a variety of cases including but not limited to:

Reasons Why You May Be Facing Deportation In El Paso

The United States takes its laws seriously and has implemented immigration policies to enforce the safety of its citizens. Under certain conditions, you can remove certain non-citizens from the country and some common reasons why you or your loved ones may face deportations include:

  • Illegal entry into the United States
  • Failure to obey the terms of a visa or otherwise maintain the status
  • Failure to submit a change of address to immigration services
  • Engaging in fraudulent behavior like fraudulent marriages
  • Receiving public assistance

Working With An El Paso Deportation Attorney To Secure Your Status

When fighting a deportation defense battle, you need to be confident that your legal defense is doing everything at their disposal to secure your case. Removal defense is no simple matter. It can be a difficult process to navigate and you don’t want to leave it up to someone who does not have your best interest in mind. Attorney Magadan Beall understands how law enforcement agencies function and will thus provide the most robust defense.

Removal Defense Lawyer In El Paso, Texas

Facing removal is a scary prospect. It may begin with an official letter from the U.S. government known as a “Notice to Appear.” This is an indication that there are intentions to have you removed from the country. The government will not appoint you an attorney, you have to find your own legal representation. For that reason, it is necessary for you to work with a trusted and ethical immigration lawyer who can help.

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Immigration Lawyer in El Paso Texas.

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